Got a dirty job?

A Glass Act is ready to make it sparkle for you. We have over a decade of experience under our belts and provide quality service at a price you can afford.

Window Washing

All Glass Act employees are highly trained, trustworthy, and personable. Homeowners can be assured the job will be done right and also be comfortable with employees in their home.

All you need to do is call us. Then we show up, bring the appropriate number of employees, usually 3-5 and the next thing you know you’re looking at the view through crystal-clear windows.

We strive to maximize efficiency and not take up a homeowners whole day. We are prepared to pick up furniture and move it safely if the team assigned is large enough. We will not drag furniture over floors and damage furnishings.

We strive to deliver better results to our customers and welcome critique. After all, the more people looking at windows with a critical eye, the better the results.

Trust A Glass Act to inform and educate you, the home or business owner, of any concerns we may have before the project begins.

Hosting a special occasion and need your home to sparkle? Call us today to set up a time to get your windows washed. 208-610-1200.

Rain Gutters

At Glass Act we pride ourselves on doing your dirty work. No job is too small or too large for our experienced and hardworking crew.

When it comes to rain gutters, it seems they could always use work. That’s where we come in. A Glass Act is skilled at removing ALL leaves, pine needles and debris from your roof and loaded into garbage bags for simple removal. We leave things clean and minimize mess as we work.

Call us today to set up a time to get your rain gutters serviced. 208-610-1200.

Pressure Washing

We use state of the art pressure washers to remove moss from roofs and other surfaces. Simultaneously, we clean up any mess this may create in the surrounding area. A Glass Act routinely cleans the sides of houses and buildings of moss and dirt to enhance the home’s appearance and to prevent maintenance issues down the line.

Decks are a specialty of ours and we take pride in making them summer-worthy again, bringing new life to older structures.

A Glass Act also clean fences, sidewalks and parking lots to make them cleaner and more attractive.

Call us today to set up a time to get your outdoor surfaces pressure washed. 208-610-1200.


New Construction: If your home has been constructed and finished, we will do an all-inclusive window cleaning to remove stickers and debris from the windows to put the finishing touch on your new home. We have developed our own technique that gives you that crystal-clear view.

A Glass Act is also well versed in thorough screen, sill and frame cleaning to make your home or office’s interior glow. We also offer outdoor cleaning solutions such as pressure washing and gutter cleaning.

We can also quickly remove holiday and promotional window painting to ensure your business stays current.


Whatever the day’s task, we make getting the job done painless for you, our valued customer.

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